Duties of Au Pair

What is it really like to be an Au Pair in China on a daily basis?

Because every host family is different, your daily schedule will be discussed when you arrive in the family. It will depend a lot on the ages and needs of the children you are caring for and the individual requirements of your host family.

As an Au Pair, your responsibilities are centered on the children and you won't be expected to do heavy housework.

If the children in your family go to school then your schedule will work around those hours. If you are caring for babies or younger children then your routine will probably be more fixed.

That is the great thing about caring for children and living in an amazing country with so many opportunities to travel and explore!

Your responsibilities includes

  • Keep companion with the child and help with his/her homework
  • Talk to the child in English or your mother tongue and create a relaxing language-learning environment for the children
  • Take care of children, daily life, and cultivate good habits and hygiene habits
  • Being their friend and having fun!
  • Sharing your own culture through songs, games, stories, cooking etc!
  • Take them to and from school or after school activities, play dates etc.
  • Clean your room and help your host family parents do some light housework
  • Staying at home with the children when they are absent from school due to illness or holidays
  • Babysitting some evenings if the parents are out