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To be a great Au Pair you must be motivated, open-minded and of course love spending time with children!  The term ‘au pair’ means ‘on pair’ or equal, which is exactly what you will be an equal member of your host family.  Au pairs are international visitors who on a F/X2/L Visitor Exchange visa, live with an Chinese host family of their choice for a minimum of 3 months whilst caring for their children. 

If you meet all of our program requirements, then register by clicking on the 'Apply' button!  If you currently do not meet all of the program requirements, then contact Tutor Plus interviewer to discuss what you need to do to obtain the missing requirements. We help over 1,000 young people each year from all around the world to live with their Chinese families. You can be the next one!


  • Are between the ages of 18 - 29 years old
  • Have to be healthy and free of any infectious diseases
  • Have non-criminal record
  • Have a good standard of spoken English skills without strong accent
  • Show an interest on children and be cultural open-minded
  • Have non-family childcare experience
  • Have a secondary school graduation certificate or equivalent
  • Unmarried with no children and independent
  • Want to spend at least 3 months living in China with a Chinese family
  • Have to be willing to work 25 hours a week