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Tutor Plus:Diverse culture, diverse dream.


Established in 2015, Tutor Plus experts in second language training and cultural exchange between Chinese and foreign culture. Tutor Plus advocates to learn English in a more relaxing way by learning it in daily life and to create more opportunities for Chinese learners and foreigners to communicate and interact with each other, to learn about each other’s culture face to face and to make the language learning process more interesting and effective.

Tutor Plus possesses more than 100,000 registered users in China. We devoted ourselves to providing tailor-made language learning plans for each private user who has the requirements of learning English and to matching up suitable foreign teachers and language partners. The main services we provide: distance online language learning, 1 on 1 language home tutoring, Au Pair, Nanny, overseas tour guide, immigration and study abroad. We also provide human resources support for enterprise, introducing more job opportunities for foreigners who want to develop in China.

Tutor Plus is dedicated to be the biggest platform in both language and culture exchange in China, to create more opportunities for more foreigners to understand China, as well as to help Chinese to reach out to the world. We are human centered and willing help different cultures to melt together. “Diverse culture, diverse dream”.

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Diverse culture Diverse dream


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  • I have really enjoyed my au pair time in Beijing for last three months. My host family was super nice to me. I not only travelled with them and knew more about Chinese culture such as food, different places like Hong Kong, Hang Zhou, but also I taught my native language to the host kid. My host kid Austin is a smart boy. Although we had some culture shock or misunderstanding at the beginning, the staff in Tutor Plus helped me a lot when the things happened. I really appreciated with it. I also learned the basic survival mandarin which provided by Tutor Plus. I practice a lot. I think my Chinese is improving rapidly. I can speak mandarin when I am in Canada now. I am very proud of myself. I would like to come back to China.

    -Alex, Canada
  • ‘Shanghai is a modern city’ as I always read from the newspaper or online. However, this time I did experienced by myself for these six months. My host family is a big family with four children, and the host parents. I was mainly taking care of two twin boys. They took me to see the Shanghai Bund, the Oriental Pearl Tower. I shared my stories in my hometown Texas. We studied English together and we often went to Disneyland on the vacation days. I think shanghai food is good and I cannot stop eating them. After my six months, I was planning to go back to US to further my college degree. Thanks for my host family gave me a wonderful memory and thanks for Tutor Plus’ support.

    -Eva Sweden
  • My host family is a warm family. There are only three family members in my host family, parents and the kid. My kid is a three years old boy. He is super active and I love playing with him. The host parents always take us to go to the park to do sports. In the daily life, I assisted with his English study such as learning phonics, English songs, and playing Lego. We usually cook together; I have to say the Chinese food is awesome, hot pot is my favorite. I am good at baking. I usually bake cookies for my host kid. The time in Guangzhou in my family was great. After my program here, I would like to extend my program longer.

    -IGA Poland
  • “Shanghai is a wonderful city that I’ve been to”. I really enjoy the time that I had spent with my host family in Shanghai, China. I felt quite welcomed in the host family. We had too many memorable events. It’s my first time coming to China, thanks for Tutor Plus supplying me this opportunity, I am sure I will come back again.

    -Emmylou Germany
  • Beijing is a magical city with different types of food, there are having friendly people, beautiful scenery. The Great Wall is my favorite place. My host family is a big family, they are very kind and we always went travelling together during my stay. I really appreciated our time. I love my Chinese host family. We promised each other they will visit me in Italy someday and I will definitely come back to China one day. Cheers!

    -Benedetta Italy